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I believe that you will find me to be very confident in my skills as an escort, as I have had the chance to work alongside, and learn from, some of the best ladies in the business. Thus, while I may not be to everyone's taste, I am sure that I have delighted many gentlemen who have met me, so I would be more than happy if you too were to get to know me a little more intimately.


Once we meet, you will find me to be more than just a pretty face, as I have a diverse range of outside interests which give me a well rounded view of the world. My sense of humour is said to be pretty unique, which is a definite advantage in ensuring that you are put at ease throughout our meeting, since the focus is very much on ensuring that you have a great time. While I am a good listener, with a fairly liberal outlook to life, I am an equally good conversationalist, so there will invariably be a selection of topics which we could discuss in one another's company.


As far as my bedroom skills go, as A-levels are not offered, I believe it would be misleading to suggest that I offer a pornstar experience, preferring instead to be known as the provider of a raunchy girlfriend experience. Here, you will find that I enjoy partaking in a range of sensual activities, although it is worth bearing in mind that certain services are clearly provided to my personal discretion. However, provided you are suitably clean and polite, there is usually no problem in providing them, although for some services, such as watersports, I would obviously require some notice in order to be suitably prepared for the fun to follow.


I take great pride in my appearance, which means that I have an extensive collection of clothing in my wardrobe catering to all possible tastes. You can rest assured that you will never be bored with my look, as every time we meet will be like a fresh experience, brimming with promise and surprises. On the days in which incalls are provided, I tend to wear one primary outfit as my dress of the day, although I do carry several spare garments, lingerie items and accessories as a backup. Nonetheless, I am quite versatile, so should you have a request for a particular item, please let me know when the appointment is made, so that I can bring it with me if available. Alternatively, if I do not have a particular item which you would like me to wear, you could bring a new copy of it with you, such that I can model it for our pleasure during the meeting.


Along with my erotic lingerie and outfits, I also have an array of rather more niche uniforms and cosplay outfits for meetings where some real kinkiness is called for. Here, my collection includes: American Cheerleader (Go Team!!) * Air Hostess (Red) * Air Hostess (Navy Blue) * St Trinians (Red Tartan) * Army (Camo Print) * Bunny Girl (with the Ears and Tail) * Christmas Bunny (because I like being different) * Pink Bunny * Baywatch Babe * Mrs Santa Claus * Shepherdess * Red Riding Hood * Mermaid Dress * Mermaid Catsuit * Sailor * Heavenly Angel (with Wings).


In addition to my normal escort offering, if you are interested in expanding the boundaries of your love life, then one unforgettable option is to experience a threesome, involving you, me and another lady. While some gentlemen are lucky enough to have partners eager to join in the fun, this is rarely the case - fortunately, I am on very good terms with quite a few other escorts, some of whom I feel a special affinity for, and with whom I am exceptionally comfortable in offering a genuinely uninhibited two-girl session with. If this is something that interests you, please let me know and we can see what can be arranged. In case you are wondering, some of the photos in my most recent gallery happen to include my long term duo partner, Annalynne, who is also an independent escort in her own right.