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According to some gentlemen, I look a bit too cute to be into domination, although this tends to be from gents who think that a dominatrix should fit the stereotype of a chain smoking older woman dressed in black PVC. Now, while I do have a genuinely nice side, there is nothing more that I enjoy than being a vindictive little bitch. As such, there are many activities which I enjoy, where the emphasis is not just on physical control of a male, but rather the psychological supremacy and emotional manipulation which I can exercise over a subservient, if somewhat reluctant, subject. In a similar vein, I love certain kinky pursuits which are definitely in the realm of the fetish world, and as far removed from conventional escorting as anyone would wish them to be.


I'm quite a versatile woman, and always keen to acquire new skills. However, if I was to be asked which services I most enjoy offering, then the following would top the list of my favourite domination and fetish activities:

* Face Sitting (with queening, your face gets to be the comfortable throne for my delicately fragrant ass and pussy, being rubbed in for my personal pleasure);

* CBT / Ballbusting (your teeny little cock and balls are there for my entertainment, whether it is for squeezing, biting, scratching, flogging or poking with the sharp edge of my towering heels, right through to tormenting with tools like pegs, pinwheels and pens);

* Watersports (let me be your goddess and drench your clothes with my special scent, cover your body and face in a gushing stream, or, if I feel generous, let you savour my warm current of female essence down your throat);

* Foot Worship (my feet have regular manicures and my toes are beautifully painted, so admire them bare, as they are, or clad in a selection of stockings, tights and footwear);

 * Tie and Tease (a sublimely erotic activity, involving a flow of sensual techniques to tease, stimulate and repress your desires until you reach a higher realm of arousal);

* Humiliation (from sexual control and enslavement, through to mind games and verbal degradation, everything is done here with the ultimate purpose of demeaning you as a person. Once we are through for the day, you'll be left questioning your masculinity for ages to come, whilst begging to return to me for some form of redemption);

* Corporal Punishment (whether it is a light spanking or a harsh flogging, I have the tools, I have the technique and I have the determination to make my bitch);

 * Cross Dressing (transform yourself physically, and change your emotional outlook on life, with a session where your repressed desires to be a lady are fully realised);

* Fisting (once my gloved hand has gently massaged its way up your warmly lubed posterior, you'll be my little glove puppet);

* Strap On (if there is one activity that I adore above any other, it is the use of the strap-on, as nothing is more empowering than knowing that you've got a man right where you want him when you're pegging him. If you are new to strap-on play, you have nothing to fear, as it is said to be significantly less painful than than feared, whilst being sexually more satisfying than ever contemplated).


Finally, some important points to remember: While any severe domination session obviously requires discussion of personal limits beforehand, as an added precaution, during any  meeting which could cross a boundary or require moderation of activity, I will always require the use of a safeword. That said, I am unable to offer services involving illegal acts nor will I contemplate anything involving serious physical pain or the drawing of blood - while you may be happy to take any amount of harm to yourself, I'm afraid the CPS are not so understanding about this. Finally, in order to avoid any misunderstandings, please be aware that I am not a switch and am therefore unwilling to undertake the role of a submissive.