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There are several ways to contact me should you wish to make an appointment or request further information about myself or my services. I will try my best to be of assistance, although as I am often busy with other activities, there may be some delay in submitting a reply.


Phone / Text

As I do not always have the opportunity to go online on a regular basis, the most appropriate contact method is by phone, where you can call or text me on 07399991098. Please note that I will not answer calls from WITHHELD numbers, nor can continue with conversations should the information being requested be clearly available on my site. In order to safeguard your privacy, I will not respond to a missed call unless requested to do so, and only if I am completely satisfied that the number is for what could be called a dedicated punting phone In case I am already engaged with another task, I may not be able to answer the phone immediately, so please do try getting in touch at a later time.


AdultWork Private Message Service

Naturally, I can also be contacted on my personal AdultWork profile, where I can answer any queries as well as accept previously arranged booking requests. If you are an AW member, please click here to be referred directly to my account: Paprikababe



As you may have noticed from the foot of the site, I also have a Twitter account, which I enjoy using on a regular basis. I guarantee to keep my feed light-hearted and entertaining, with a mix of exclusive photos, escort updates, insightful (and humorous) comments and retweets from accounts which I enjoy following. Please feel free to follow me on: @CherylBunnie